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This is a Web Directory of sites that offer choral music clips in various formats. The abbreviations MP3, WMA, OGG, SWF, RA, signal the type of audio file offered on each site. Entries are arranged by number of sound clips, descending order.

  1. Thames Philharmonic Choir
    Thames Philharmonic Choir has been thriving for 45 years, and is well known for its musical excellence and for the pleasure it brings to audiences, members and fellow-musicians alike.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  2. The Chamber Singers of Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges
    Selections from the Annual Holiday Concerts.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  3. The Choir of the College of William and Mary
    The choir is very pleased to bring you a small selection of our music.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  4. The City of London Choir
    The City of London Choir has made a number of well-received recordings in the last few years. Here are a few samples to tantalise you!
    [6 clips - MP3]

  5. The Evergreen Choir
    Listen to samples from our latest album.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  6. The Valleyview Male Chorus
    The repertoire of the chorus currently encompasses a range of music from gospel to classical, from folk to contemporary.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  7. The Yellow Door Choir
    MP3 song samples from recent performances.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  8. Tulsa Children’s Chorus
    The Tulsa Children’s Chorus continues with its mission of providing children in the Tulsa-metro area with a one-of-a-kind choral music experience under the direction of Kodaly Method expert, Ashlee Elmore.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  9. Vivace! Choral Program
    The Vivace! Choral Program offers three outstanding choirs for South Puget Sound youth ages 8-19. Listen to Vivace!
    [6 clips - MP3]

  10. Voces Novae Chamber Choir
    Samples of Past Programs and CDs.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  11. Strangeland Family Youth Choral Academy
    Some examples from CD's of the YCA in concert.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  12. A Capellago World Music Choir
    Songs of passion and hope from around the world. A few excerts from a concert in Diamond Harbour.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  13. Accord Treble Choir
    Accord has become a force to be reckoned with on the NYC choral scene. Accord has been named Ensemble in Residence at the St. Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church in Manhattan and selected to perform at the 2012 Eastern Division Conference of the American Choral Directors Association in Providence, Rhode Island.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  14. Canto Armonico
    selections of Canto Armonico performances, under the direction of Simon Carrington.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  15. Cascadian Chorale
    The Cascadian Chorale is a Bellevue-based, mixed-voice chamber choir dedicated to the performance and promotion of fine choral music.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  16. Chelmsford Youth Choirs
    Since its beginning in 2005, the Chelmsford Youth Choirs have looked to provide young singers in and around Chelmsford the opportunity to join together in music making that is enjoyable and of the highest quality.
    [5 clips - WMA]

  17. Chorus pro Musica
    Chorus pro Musica has built a superb reputation as one of the great choruses of New England. The chorus consists of more than 80 highly talented musicians selected by audition.
    [5 clips - MP3 / WMA]

  18. Christus Chorus: Concordia University - Saint Paul
    Christus Chorus performs major choral works and tours nationally and internationally every 4 years.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  19. Church Choir "Ad Una Corda"
    Download song clips in MP3 format.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  20. Collegium Vocale Blieskastel
    Here are some excerpts from our concerts.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  21. Corale Claudio Monteverdi della Valle di Non
    Samples of our repertoire in MP3 format.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  22. Coro Harmonia Cantata
    Audio gallery: live recordings of our concerts.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  23. Girls’ Choir of Wilmington
    The Girls’ Choir of Wilmington is a community-based choir of about 75 girls ages 9 and older representing a cross-section of the population of the Lower Cape Fear Area.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  24. Hallelujah Chorus Recordings
    The Hallelujah Chorus has members from many of the local Lubbock congregations, members from area towns, as well as a few members that drive from Amarillo (120 miles) for each rehearsal or concert!
    [5 clips - MP3]

  25. Jazzchor Expression'88
    Our 35-voice Jazz Choir's repertoire is diverse with music ranging from Gospel to Swing, Blues and Pop.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  26. Leatherhead Choral Society
    We are a friendly amateur choir and sing a very wide range of repertoire, from sixteenth century madrigals to contemporary works and arrangements.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  27. Mastersingers USA
    Mastersingers USA is a group of men who have some connection with Prof. Bruce McInnes, who retired in 2001 after leading singing groups at Yale University, Amherst College, and University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, among other institutions.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  28. Metropolitan Men's Choir of the Twin Cities
    Mp3 Excerpts, Live from Orchestra Hall.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  29. North Central College - Women's Chorale
    Audio clips of NCC Women's Chorale recordings.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  30. North Suffolk Youth Choir
    Audio clips from our recordings.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  31. Northern Illinois University Chamber Choir
    The NIU Chamber Choir is a select 24-voice vocal ensemble whose membership is comprised of vocal performance and music education majors at the graduate and undergraduate level.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  32. Octarium
    Distinguishing itself for aggressive and cohesive programming and a unique style of performing without a conductor, Octarium has firmly established itself among the premier musical groups in the Midwest.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  33. Pittsburgh School for the Choral Arts
    Sample recording from some of our concerts.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  34. Pro Nobis Singers
    Recordings of some recent performances by the choir.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  35. Quintus Vocal Ensemble
    Quintus is a consort of five voices based in West Kent. We are a versatile ensemble but specialise in the music of the 16th to 18th centuries.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  36. Saint John the Evangelist Church Choirs
    Mass Christmas Eve Music audio samples.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  37. Sisters of Swing
    Sister Swing is a fresh, exciting trio of singers which has captured the sound of the girl groups of the 1930s and 1940s, and brought it to the 21st century. Heavily influenced by the 3 part harmonies of groups like the Andrews Sisters and the Boswell Sisters, Sister Swing brings a new sound to an old style.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  38. South Bend Chamber Singers
    The South Bend Chamber Singers, an ensemble-in-residence at Saint Mary's, concentrates on works by living composers, but its repertoire includes traditional compositions and unusual and complex arrangements.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  39. The Art of Peace Choir
    The Art of Peace brings varied artistic expressions together to inspire and instigate creativity and peacemaking.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  40. The Augustana Choir - University of Alberta
    The Augustana Choir is considered to be one of Western Canada’s most successful undergraduate university choirs.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  41. The Austin Carolers
    We are four seasoned professionals who joined forces in 1995, because we love to sing - especially the songs of Christmas.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  42. The King´s Singers
    The six Englishmen known as the King's Singers enjoy a reputation as one of the world's most sought-after and highly acclaimed vocal ensembles.
    [5 clips - RA]

  43. The STIHL Choir
    The Choir's repertoire includes folk songs in the familiar choral arrangements by Friedrich Silcher, drinking songs, adaptations of Comedian Harmonists' songs, modern pop songs and lots more.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  44. The Zemel Choir
    The Zemel Choir, established by Dudley Cohen in 1955, is proud of its international reputation as one of the world's finest mixed-voice Jewish choirs. Our wide-ranging repertoire embraces all the traditional Jewish cultures, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Yiddish and Israeli.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  45. University of Minnesota Concert Choir
    Enjoy these mp3 samples of the UMM Concert Choir.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  46. Wayne County Choral Union
    The Wayne County Choral Union, Inc., an adult non-profit organization, is dedicated to the performance of varied, mixed-voice music for the education and enjoyment of its members and the community.
    [5 clips - MP3]

  47. Wimbledon Chamber Choir
    Wimbledon Chamber Choir is an enterprising amateur choir based in south west London.
    [5 clips - MP3, WAV, WMA]

  48. Bogazici University Chamber Choir
    Audio clips from the repertoire of The Chamber Choir of Bosphorus University Music Club (BÜMK), based in Istanbul, Turkey.
    [4 clips - MP3]

  49. Bois Afan Male Voice Choir
    Bois Afan Male Voice Choir is based in Cwmavon, Port Talbot, South Wales.
    [4 clips - MP3]

  50. Bolton Festival Choir
    Bolton Festival Choir was established in 1994, with the aim of offering local singers the opportunity to perform works that they were unlikely to sing with their own choirs, and to learn music in a relatively short time.
    [4 clips - MP3]

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