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This is a Web Directory of sites that offer choral music clips in various formats. The abbreviations MP3, WMA, OGG, SWF, RA, signal the type of audio file offered on each site. Entries are arranged by number of sound clips, descending order.

  1. Holy Cross-Immaculata Choir
    In 2006, the choir recorded two CDs. These contain prayerful music that is used in our church to celebrate Christmas and Holy Week/Easter.
    [23 clips - MP3]

  2. Aurora Chorus
    A sampling of Live Concert performances.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  3. Chor der Pfarrei St. Sebastian Waldershof
    A 20-voice choir at St. Sebastian Parish Church, Waldershof. Bayern, Germany.
    [22 clips - WMA]

  4. Collegium Karalitanum
    The polyphonic choir of the Associazione Musicale "Collegium Karalitanum" is based in Cagliary, capital of Sardinia.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  5. Con Brio
    Con Brio now numbers close to 50 auditioned and highly motivated singers from Branford to Glastonbury to Groton and beyond.
    [22 clips - MP3, WMA]

  6. Grove Music - Spirituals, Hymns and Gospels
    Samples of male voice choir songs and spirituals for men's choirs, arranged by Gwyn Arch.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  7. H.B. du Pont Chamber Choir
    The H.B. duPont Choral Program is made up of seven choirs: the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade grade level choirs, the 6th grade advanced choir, the 7th and 8th grade concert choir, the 7th and 8th grade Cantabile, and the 8th grade all-female ensemble, Chamber Choir.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  8. Kitka
    Kitka is a professional vocal ensemble dedicated to producing concerts, recordings, and educational programs that develop new audiences for music rooted in Eastern European women's vocal traditions.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  9. Nickomo & Rasullah Songs for Choirs & Groups
    Nickomo and Rasullah Clarke are both experienced workshop leaders of Voice and Song, sharing an interest in the diversity of global harmony and singing styles.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  10. Schola Cantorum Coralina
    Coralina is an "a capella" choir based in La Habana, Cuba. Listen to us!
    [22 clips - MP3]

  11. The Choirs at Minneapolis Community and Technical College
    Hear the MCTC Vocal Ensemble in performance. All pieces are conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Pauly.
    [22 clips - MP3, MP4]

  12. The Choral Society of Northeast Pennsylvania
    Eight unique choral ensembles are sponsored for singers age 5-adult. Collectively, our choirs bring to the regional public 15-20 quality choral concerts per year, as well as regional television and radio broadcasts, recordings, and performance tours.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  13. The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices folk choir
    Bulgarian folk songs.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  14. Vancouver Orpheus Male Voice Choir
    Download free samples of the choir's most popular songs.
    [22 clips - MP3]

  15. Choir of Royal Holloway
    The Chapel Choir was created at the time of the foundation of Royal Holloway in 1886. Originally a choir for women's voices, the choir now comprises 24 Choral Scholars which are generously funded by Banco Santander as a part of the Santander Universities Scheme.
    [21 clips - MP3]

  16. Colegio Maya Choir Concerts
    Choir Music at Colegio Maya in Guatemala City, Guatemala.
    [21 clips - MP3]

  17. Evangel University Choirs
    Listen to samples from the recording "Festival of Faith".
    [21 clips - MP3]

  18. Majesty Ladies
    Sound clips from CD "Alleluia!".
    [21 clips - MP3]

  19. Chorealis Vocal Ensemble
    The eleven members of Chorealis Vocal Ensemble all reside in the Okanagan, from Salmon Arm through to Kelowna, Vernon, BC.
    [20 clips - MP3]

  20. Chorus Angelus
    Hear what we sound like: excerpts from our recordings.
    [20 clips - MP3]

  21. Hertfordshire Constabulary Choir
    We are a mixed-voice choir of around 24 members initally formed as a male-voice choir of police officers, we soon turned into a full choir and have been singing together ever since.
    [20 clips - MP3]

  22. Kent Chamber Choir
    The choir's objective is to foster wider appreciation of the magic of music within the community through giving public concerts.
    [20 clips - MP3]

  23. MIT Chamber Chorus: Multimedia
    The MIT Chamber Chorus is a group of about thirty undergraduate and graduate singers representing many disciplines at the Institute.
    [20 clips - MP3]

  24. The Choir of Jesus College Cambridge
    Jesus College, founded out of the ancient nunnery of St Radegund in 1496, maintains two choirs: the Chapel Choir, with its centuries of tradition, which is made up of boy choristers and adult male singers; and the College Choir, which has female undergraduates for its top line.
    [20 clips - MP3]

  25. Cantori del Mattino
    Listen to our songs in format MP3.
    [19 clips - MP3]

  26. Gospel Meets Vienna
    Sound clips of Gospel music from our CD recordings.
    [19 clips - MP3]

  27. Carlton Male Voice Choir
    Whether it be anthems which are a part of an oppressed people's fight against injustice, sacred songs which express the hope of a better life beyond the present one, or melodies which tell of personal heartache and longing, this selection is a tribute to the triumph of the optimism of the human spirit.
    [18 clips - MP3]

  28. Lima Senior Sings
    Excerpts of various concert recordings of Mr. Popa's choirs over the past several years.
    [18 clips - MP3]

  29. Nicholas Wilton, Sacred Choral Music
    Listen to samples from the Sacred Choral Music CD.
    [18 clips - MP3]

  30. One Voice Children's Choir
    The choir is comprised of 140 children ages 4 to 18 who reside in northern Utah along the Wasatch Front.
    [18 clips - MP3]

  31. RSVP Voices
    RSVP Voices was founded in 2002 by Rob Johnston in response to many requests from within the industry to provide the highest quality of choir/singer for various film/tv soundtracks.
    [18 clips - MP3]

  32. SMS Men's Quartet
    Listen to mp3 samples from CD "Be Thou Exalted".
    [18 clips - MP3]

  33. The Tudor Choir
    Hailed as "a superb choir" (Gramophone), as well as "a choir to watch" (Fanfare), the Tudor Choir and its director Doug Fullington have received national and international attention as interpreters of Renaissance polyphony and early American music.
    [18 clips - MP3]

  34. Bay Area Chorus
    Selected audio recordings here from past Bay Area Chorus performances.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  35. Chamber Choir Altrip
    The Chamber Choir Altrip is a small mixed choir. Their repertoire ranges from the Renaissance to the modern age.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  36. Coro "Gospel Beam"
    Excerpts from our repertoire.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  37. Fait Divers
    Fait Divers is a 12-voice mixed choir based in Aurillac (Cantal), France.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  38. Pennsbury Community Chorus
    The chorus works closely in conjunction with the choral music department of Pennsbury High School, and seeks to support outstanding young high school musicians through performances, scholarships, study, and musical support.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  39. Polifonica Pontina
    Listen to La Polifonica Pontina On-line.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  40. Sonoran Desert Chorale
    Sample audio clips from CD "A Sonoran Desert Chorale Christmas".
    [17 clips - MP3]

  41. The Fort Bend Boys Choir of Texas
    The Fort Bend Boys Choir of Texas is located in greater Houston, TX. The organization has five performing ensembles with 200 choristers.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  42. The Master’s College Chorale
    Clips from The Master's Chorale Concerts.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  43. The Ring Around Quartet
    Early music is one of The Ring Around Quartet's favourite repertoires, comprising all genres of 15th- and 16th-century European vocal music, such as chanson, madrigal and villanella-with special preference for Franco-Flemish composers such as Josquin, Janequin, and Lasso.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  44. Banchieri Singers Music - MP3
    It's a little taste of our CDs!
    [16 clips - MP3]

  45. Central Washington University Music Ensembles
    Sample audio clips from recordings by CWU’s Chamber Choir, Women's Choir, University Chorale, Men's Choir and Central Singers.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  46. Choros Amici - BBC TV
    Here are some samples of the choir in concert.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  47. Cori Spezzati
    Cori Spezzati is an ensemble made up of 24 singers supported in its activities by the Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine and the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Ile de France - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  48. Fifth Infantry Soldier Chorus
    Songs recorded by the Soldier Chorus founded by Luther Onerheim while serving with the Third Army, 71st Infantry Division 5th Infantry Regiment, during World War II.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  49. Madrigal & Chamber Choir Festivals
    American Classic Tours and Music Festivals has been delivering value-driven music and education events providing growth through performance and travel.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  50. Tenebrae Consort
    Listen to "On Eagles' Wings", a magnificent selection of sacred works by one of Britain's most popular living choral composers, Alexander L'Estrange.
    [16 clips - MP3]

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