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This is a Web Directory of sites that offer choral music clips in various formats. The abbreviations MP3, WMA, OGG, SWF, RA, signal the type of audio file offered on each site. Entries are arranged by number of sound clips, descending order.

  1. West Devon Chorale
    West Devon Chorale was formed in 1999 and its membership of about 35 singers is made up of a number of the most experienced choristers in the region.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  2. Aoede Consort
    Aoede Consort seeks to present the highest standards of vocal performance and aims to bring a deeper understanding and appreciation for choral music to the community.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  3. Boston Latin School Choirs
    There are lots of options for singers at BLS, from traditional choral repertoire to Broadway to gospel to a capella pop.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  4. Bournemouth Sinfonietta Choir
    The choir relies heavily on the commitment, as well as the talents, of its members, who come from a wide area, travelling from Hampshire and Wiltshire as well as across Dorset to rehearse each week in Blandford.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  5. Caritas Chamber Chorale
    Based in central New Jersey, Caritas Chamber Chorale was founded for the purpose of presenting a series of concerts of a cappella sacred music to raise funds for the Adorno Fathers' St. Francis Caracciolo Mission, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  6. ChoirFixer Wedding Choir
    If you're looking for inspiration, we'd be delighted to recommend a few items from our extensive music library.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  7. Coral Carlit
    Coral Carlit is a choir of about 50 singers in Barcelona, Spain, which is dedicated to negro spirituals and gospel.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  8. Coro et Laboro
    The chorus sings pieces of the renaissance tradition, sacred and profane, ancient pieces but also modern ones, all strictly "a cappella".
    [7 clips - MP3, WAV]

  9. Divertimento Vocale - Freiburg
    Hear samples from CD "chor-blätze" recorded by the Divertimento Vocale choir based in Freiburg, Switzerland.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  10. Global Harmony
    Recordings from our recent concerts, recorded digitally. Enjoy listening!
    [7 clips - MP3]

  11. Holy Trinity Ukrainian Cathedral Choir
    Beautiful singing by our Cathedral Choir directed by Dr. Jeff Saranchuk.
    [7 clips - MP3, WMA]

  12. LGS Gospel Choir
    For over a decade LGS have been one of the top Gospel performance groups in the country. Our Musical Director is Ian Brabazon, who has held this post since 2001.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  13. Lafayette Master Chorale
    The Lafayette Master Chorale consists of approximately 50 singers from the greater Lafayette and surrounding area. Members come from all age groups and represent a variety of occupations.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  14. Magnificat
    Magnificat is one of the world's premier vocal ensembles, internationally acclaimed for its sophisticated, historically-informed performance of Renaissance choral masterpieces.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  15. New Dominion Chorale
    One of the largest choral groups in Washington's brilliant choral scene.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  16. Queens' College Chapel Choir
    Live recordings of Queens' College Cambridge Chapel Choir.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  17. Reindeer Music
    Choral works by composer Glenn Rudolph who has been active in choral music in the Pittsburgh area since 1977.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  18. San Francisco Girls Chorus
    San Francisco Girls Chorus is recognized as one of the world’s most widely known and respected vocal ensembles for youth.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  19. Si L'on Chantait Vocal Group
    A few audio clips from our repertoire.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  20. Southern Crescent Chorale
    The Southern Crescent Chorale (SCC) has established a reputation for excellence and achievement in the south metro area arts community.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  21. St Sergius of Radonezh Parish Choir
    Choir Recordings of the St Sergius Russian Orthodox Church Abroad - ROCA or ROCOR, in Cleveland.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  22. St. George's Choral Society
    Our goal is to perform at the highest level of excellence and to generate a broad range of engagement and outreach activities. St. George's Choral Society is committed to ensuring access to cultural programming for people with disabilities.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  23. The Bromley Boy Singers
    The Bromley Boy Singers was founded in 1977 by Brian Lamble and soon established a reputation for the quality, variety and enthusiasm of its performances. Over the years, the boys have toured in Provence, the Netherlands, Malta and in England.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  24. The Eagle Choir
    Listen to some of the choir’s past performances.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  25. The Fishpond Choir
    The choir, which is about fifty strong, sings a wide selection of material which includes folk music from around the world, light classical pieces and items specially written or arranged by Dana and Anne. However, its first love is African music - mostly from the south of the continent.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  26. The Gaslight Chorus
    The Gaslight Chorus is a group of male a cappella barbershop singers and is part of the Barbershop Harmony Society.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  27. The Tenebrae Choir
    Described as "phenomenal" (The Times) and "devastatingly beautiful" (Gramophone Magazine), award-winning choir Tenebrae, under the direction of Nigel Short, is one of the world's leading vocal ensembles renowned for its passion and precision.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  28. William Ferris Chorale
    A Chicago landmark since 1972, the William Ferris Chorale continues to excite its audiences season after season.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  29. A Handful of Singers
    A Handful of Singers, one of Bath's most respected chamber choirs, has been performing in and around Bath since its inception in 2002. The choir is directed by its conductor Christopher Finch, winner of the 2010 BBC Choir of the Year.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  30. Aaron Walz’s Audio Recordings
    Choir performances by Sonoma State University Chamber Singers and Sonoma County Bach Choir.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  31. Ambience for the Masses
    Gregorian Chant by Schola of the Hofburgkapelle and Hildegard of Bingen.
    [6 clips - MPEG]

  32. Assabet Valley Mastersingers
    Assabet Valley Mastersingers is a regional chorus with performances in Shrewsbury, Westborough, Northborough, Southborough, and Marlborough dedicated to perpetuating the love and appreciation of choral music through the use of personal and expressive vocal music.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  33. Bel Canto Choir
    The Bel Canto Choir is one of South Yorkshire's Premier Chamber Choirs.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  34. Berkeley Broadway Singers
    The Berkeley Broadway Singers is a mixed-level chorus specializing in Broadway show tunes, along with jazz, Latin, blues and other popular music.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  35. Cantabile
    Cantabile is an 'a cappella' choir of 15 voices based in Melbourne, Australia.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  36. Concord Vocal Ensemble
    The Concord Vocal Ensemble is an invite-based community choir, based out of the Bloor West Village neighbourhood in Toronto.
    [6 clips - MP3, MP4]

  37. Coriolis
    Coriolis was formed to provide classical choral music enthusiasts the opportunity to sing challenging a cappella compositions in a skilled, dedicated, high quality chamber ensemble.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  38. DePaul Community Chorus
    The DePaul Community Chorus (DCC) is a true "community" chorus comprised of 150 members of all ages, ethnicities, spiritual perspectives and varying levels of musical experience.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  39. Dedham Choral Society
    Dedham Choral Society, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015, continues to be one of the premier community choruses in the Boston area, both in the quality of its performances and the vision of its programming.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  40. Glee Choir
    Glee choir is a collaborative 12-week program for adults with special needs to share their love for music in a fun and safe environment, while also working on a variety of goals such as building self-esteem, expressing emotions, social skills, making friends and social integration to name a few.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  41. Great Outdoors Community Church Choir
    Our choir music audio download library organized by year.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  42. Greater Nassau Chorus
    Under the musical direction of Sweet Adelines International (SAI) certified faculty member and Master Director Harriette Walters, GNC is one of the world's leading singing groups in 4-part barbershop harmony.
    [6 clips - WMA]

  43. Hot Springs Village Men's Chorus
    The Village Men's Chorus provides an opportunity for men of all ages to sing a wide variety of choral literature for over forty years; the nearly 50 member Village Men's Chorus is open to Village residents and others in the surrounding area.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  44. Jeronym Church Choir
    Music samples by church mixed choir Jeronym, Prague.
    [6 clips - RA]

  45. Kingston Chamber Choir
    Our mission is to perform at a high standard choral music drawn from a richly varied repertoire in order to move and inspire our audiences.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  46. Lions Gate Chorus
    This Vancouver vocal gem is world renowned, winning many international awards and honours for their innovative, musical excellence and artistic creativity.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  47. London Lawyers' Chorus
    The London Lawyers' Chorus ('LLC') sings a variety of classical and more recent repertoire accompanied by the London Lawyers' Symphony Orchestra.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  48. Loose Canon Chorale
    Loose Canon Chorale is a small, quality-oriented chamber choir based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  49. Mauro Zuccante - Choral Works
    Recordings of some choral works by Italian composer Mauro Zuccante.
    [6 clips - MP3]

  50. Mewsic Moves Glee Choir
    A Music Program for Young Adults With Developmental Disabilities. Glee choir is a collaborative 12-week program for adults with special needs to share their love for music in a fun and safe environment.
    [6 clips - MP3]

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