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Using the Search and Hear a Song searchbox to find specific songs

A searchbox is available on the left. Enter one or more words (no quotes), or a phrase (surrounded by quotes), in the searchbox, and then click on the "Find" button. The results of your search will be displayed.

Then click on a page title in the numbered results list to be taken directly to that page.

Click on your browser "back" button to return to the front page.

This FreeFind keyword search allows you to enter one or more keywords of a song title or the author's last name. The system will quickly search the database and display a list of items that match your search. For example, entering beauty earth will find all occurrences of the song For the Beauty of the Earth (by John Rutter).

If you are sure about the exact title you are looking for, then you can type in the complete title at the search box surrounded by quotes, like this:"For the Beauty of the Earth"

Entering rutter will find all song titles composed by John Rutter. But beware, it is always better to search for titles of songs rather than authors, because many clips in the database were offered without their respective authors.

Search Tips